My name is Nille Glæsel. I am Danish, but have been living in the beautiful country of Norway for the past 23 years.
            On one hand, I am a textile crafter and teacher, working mainly with the Viking’s textile culture. The raw nature fascinates me. Its amazing colour-harmonies and good materials like wool, hemp and leather are all components that I have a passion for.
I believe we have so much to learn from our past, and I love to teach and communicate just that. 
            On the other hand, I am behind a computer, working with Graphic Design. Here, the endless possibilities fascinates me. All the software from Adobe keeps surprising me. To play in these apps, to communicate visually, always rises the creative spirit in me.
My study at Noroff and my background as textile crafter gives me the opportunity to combine both of my passions.
In this portfolio, you will see my work at Noroff 3rd semester. 

I hope it will make you smile.

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